GoDaddy, A Brief Review

GoDaddy has become synonymous with domain registrations, and most of you have probably used them at least once in your life.  The question is, are they really that much better? Having done internet marketing for many years, I’ve registered more than my fair share of domains. Having registered hundreds of domains using numerous domain registrars, I really do believe GoDaddy is one of the best out there. Let me explain why…

In a nutshell, I’ve found that GoDaddy is quick to respond with emails, they answer their phone when I call them, and their name servers are quick to update. The last point is especially important to me, as I’ve found that with some other domain registrars, it’s taken as long as 48 hours to propagate. To me, the slightly higher cost associated with GoDaddy is more than worth it for this feature alone.

Their website is fairly intuitive (if not a bit cluttered) and I find it easy to purchase domains en mass, a feature I make use of regularly. Lastly, their “marketplace” is a great place to buy and sell domains. I’ve found some really great domains on the verge of expiring by using the marketplace system, and I’ve also sold quite a few domains with no trouble at all.

Great service, good website, and decent prices. GoDaddy has my vote.