DecalGirl – Protecting your Domain Buying Computer

I know, it’s a bit of a stretch here. I’m fairly certain that no one owns a notebook computer just for the sake of registering a domain, but the point I’m about to make still stands.

Computers are often kind of boring looking, and unless you’ve g0t a ton of money to throw around (money you could be using on domains), then chances are you won’t do anything about it. Well, I’ve recently found a simple solution to this little problem, and it will cost you hardly anything.

The next time you’re looking to spruce up your computer, consider picking up a “skin” from DecalGirl. They produce hundreds of different types, and they’re extremely simple to swap on and off. It’s just a matter of rubbing them off, and when you’re tired of the one you have on there, just peal it off and put on another. I realize this isn’t strictly domain or hosting related, but if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re sittingĀ in-frontĀ of your computer all day, and having a nice looking computer doesn’t hurt any. – One Year Later

Technically it’s been more than a year now, but the point still stands. I’ve been registering domains through Name for quite some time now.

Instead of rambling at your incessantly about the minor features that make them different, I’m simply going to focus on one which I feel is the most importantly. Namely, their incredible customer server. Just like with ones favorite restaurant, domain companies are bound to make mistakes sometimes, and I had just such an occasion recently. I won’t go into details, but what I will say is that they corrected the issue promptly, and to my complete satisfaction.

Name, thanks for yet another year of excellent service. If any of you are considering switching from your current domain provider, give these guys a try. You can register using the link on the navigation menu above.