Luxury.Estate Sells For $50,000 – Profit From New gTLDs

For a while there, people thought that flipping domains was dead but with the introduction of all these new gTLDs, things are only starting to warm up. DomainHoldings recently announced the sale of for a cool $50,000. This is the highest new gTLD sale to date. The WHOIS records indicate that the seller is based in Massachusetts while the buy of the domain is from Monaco.

The seller picked up the domain name for a mere $200 on day five of the EAP program. Now that’s what I call PROFIT!

Although that is the highest reported new gTLD sale so far, there are a few others worth mentioning as well. The following were all sold for $12,500 each:,,,, and


Important Rule of Domain Registration

Do you know the golden rule of domain registration? There are many “Do’s and Don’ts” but the one VERY important rule of domain registration is that you should always maintain full control of the domain name as the registrant. A few months back, my friend got screwed over by his co-worker. Long story short, my friend had a great idea and an even better domain name in mind to start up a small company. He pitched the idea to one of his co-workers in the IT department and all seemed well. My friend didn’t come to me to help him register a name, he went to his co-worker. The co-worker registered the domain name and started on the website which is still unfinished. Now the co-worker is moving away and he’s going to focus on the online business…..without my friend.

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