Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Domain Registrars

When a business idea clicks your mind, the next thing that comes to your mind is a stunning website that gives you online presence. In fact, most startups leverage on digital market platforms to secure sufficient market share for the takeoff. The best thing is that the clients may not be able to judge the size of the company based on the site and hence to give a level playing field for all the players.

Since you are not an expert, you cannot avoid the services of a registrar. You are likely to meet numerous service providers before getting the one that suits your needs. While it seems easy to identify one, you need to go beyond the standard checks to derive the best out of the business relationship. Here are some of the considerations to make before selecting a registrar.

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Technically it’s been more than a year now, but the point still stands. I’ve been registering domains through Name for quite some time now.

Instead of rambling at your incessantly about the minor features that make them different, I’m simply going to focus on one which I feel is the most importantly. Namely, their incredible customer server. Just like with ones favorite restaurant, domain companies are bound to make mistakes sometimes, and I had just such an occasion recently. I won’t go into details, but what I will say is that they corrected the issue promptly, and to my complete satisfaction.

Name, thanks for yet another year of excellent service. If any of you are considering switching from your current domain provider, give these guys a try. You can register using the link on the navigation menu above.


Fat Cow Delivers What It Promises

Fat Cow was founded in 1998 and is a perfect web hosting solution provider for small and medium sized businesses. It has daily server backups to ensure that the critical data of its clients aren’t lost. Even if there were some problems with the hosting of their websites, then they have the least amount of downtime and are able to get it up and functioning. Fat Cow also has a 24-hour monitoring system that ensures that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.

Fat Cow also gives unlimited disk space, bandwidth, add-on domains and many more for its customers. It also has very reasonable prices for hosting the domains. The hosting costs as little as $3.67/ month for 12 months. This is very reasonable as compared to the other web hosting companies. It has tools that allow you to point and click. Even those that have no experience in website design can use the tools since there are a number of dynamic themes and templates available for use. Users can create professionally designed websites with the tools that are provided by Fat Cow.

Other marketing features provided by Fat Cow include Google WebMasters Tools, Google Adwords and Yahoo search credits. They offer a 24/7-customer support system for all their clients. Clients can contact them via phone, email and live chat. They have also included a FAQ library to answer all the potential questions that you may have. The customisable control panel makes it really easy for website design. You don’t need to know any HTML        or programming skills to build the websites.

Fat Cow also offers “Web Analytics Tools” and offers FTP access as well for the clients. They are already pretty reasonable and also offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case the clients aren’t happy with the services that they provide. However the add ons that they provide will come at an additional cost to the clients. However they have been in the business of web hosting for the past 12 years and this speaks for the reliability and the technological support that is provided by Fat Cow to its clients.

GoDaddy, A Brief Review

GoDaddy has become synonymous with domain registrations, and most of you have probably used them at least once in your life.  The question is, are they really that much better? Having done internet marketing for many years, I’ve registered more than my fair share of domains. Having registered hundreds of domains using numerous domain registrars, I really do believe GoDaddy is one of the best out there. Let me explain why…

In a nutshell, I’ve found that GoDaddy is quick to respond with emails, they answer their phone when I call them, and their name servers are quick to update. The last point is especially important to me, as I’ve found that with some other domain registrars, it’s taken as long as 48 hours to propagate. To me, the slightly higher cost associated with GoDaddy is more than worth it for this feature alone.

Their website is fairly intuitive (if not a bit cluttered) and I find it easy to purchase domains en mass, a feature I make use of regularly. Lastly, their “marketplace” is a great place to buy and sell domains. I’ve found some really great domains on the verge of expiring by using the marketplace system, and I’ve also sold quite a few domains with no trouble at all.

Great service, good website, and decent prices. GoDaddy has my vote., The New Contender is a relative newcomer to the domain registrar world, and they’ve made a splash with their low prices. The question is, do they actually provide good service? I’ll say right off the bat that I think they are excellent, but not *quite* as good as GoDaddy. Their sales people and technical staff were fairly quick to reply to my questions, the odd time something didn’t work, but I did have problems with a few domains not forwarding properly, and this took longer than I would have liked to get corrected.

That issue aside, the staff were knowledgeable, the name servers are fairly quick to update, and the prices are dirt cheap, a bonus when you’re registering domains in bulk.

All though I wouldn’t choose over GoDaddy, I have no problem recommending them, and I imagine I’ll use them more in the future.