How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name and What Happens Next


So you want to start a website featuring the nerdy adventures of Smarty the smart cat with links to a fan page, but you have no idea where to start? Your first step is buying a domain name.

You do not have to drop a lot of dough for this. GoDaddy sells domain registrations for $0.99. That’s not a typo. For less than a dollar, GoDaddy will register your website’s domain name for a year. Your one George Washington also gets you status alerts and a guide to get you started. If you have another dollar to spare, then GoDaddy will take care of your domain transfer as well.

Buying the domain name is just the start. Many domain name providers also provide additional services for additional cost to help you manage your website. Here are some other website-owning jargon you need to become familiar with:

Web Hosting – Web Hosting is what sites like GoDaddy do when you buy the domain name. It basically means that through a service like GoDaddy, your personal or business website will be made available on the Internet.

Website Building – To build a website means to design one. Internet hosting services also help folks design the look of their webpage. You can use their programs to pick out backgrounds, layout, font style, header and whatever else you can think of to make your page eye-catching, engaging and draw users in.

SSL Certificate – SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Buying one is like hiring a bouncer for your website. The SSL allows folks to transmit private data over a secure Internet connection and is a must have if your site takes any form of payment or personal information. Folks are more likely to input their information to a site if they see it is protected by a SSL certificate. These are available for purchase as well from GoDaddy.

Owning and running a website does not have to be expensive. Many companies out there will provide you service and technical assistance at varying costs. GoDaddy was highlighted in this article because they are one of the most decently priced web hosting providers out there, and they double as a resource for folks who are just getting started. If you are going to make Smarty cat as popular as the grumpy cat, then you will benefit from a having knowledgeable and easy-to-use website servicer in your corner.

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