Important Rule of Domain Registration

Do you know the golden rule of domain registration? There are many “Do’s and Don’ts” but the one VERY important rule of domain registration is that you should always maintain full control of the domain name as the registrant. A few months back, my friend got screwed over by his co-worker. Long story short, my friend had a great idea and an even better domain name in mind to start up a small company. He pitched the idea to one of his co-workers in the IT department and all seemed well. My friend didn’t come to me to help him register a name, he went to his co-worker. The co-worker registered the domain name and started on the website which is still unfinished. Now the co-worker is moving away and he’s going to focus on the online business…..without my friend.

And there isn’t really much my friend can do about it. He doesn’t want to bother filing lawsuits and deal with the paperwork since he doesn’t even know if the business would take off or not. But all of this could have been avoided if he had registered the domain name under his name. Your name or the name of YOUR company should always be listed as the registrant of the domain name on the WHOIS database as the registrant is legally the owner of any given domain name.

When you buy a domain name, you need to make sure that you are the one doing the transaction and putting yourself or the company you legally own as the registrant of the domain name. If you hire someone to build your website, make sure the domain name is already registered by you and don’t let anyone else register it on your behalf. In the future, if you ever have to change the hosting details or redirect, you need to make sure you have the authority to do so. And by authority, I mean your name as the registrant. Simple right?

With GoDaddy, you can designate your web developer as an account executive without even having to provide any FTP account information. And remember to never provide anyone with your main domain account user information.

Alright boys and girls, that was your lesson for the week.


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